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Fall 2021 Speakers


We are proud to have these wonderful individuals share their time with us.

Headshot of Meshea Poore

Meshea Poore

Vice President for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

“Shifting from Promises to Practice”

Read more about Meshea
Headshot of Tara Hulsey

Tara Hulsey

Dean and E. Jane Martin Endowed Professor, WVU School of Nursing;
Vice President, Health Promotion and Wellness

“Promoting Health and Wellness”

Read more about Tara
Headshot of Amy Sidwell

Amy Sidwell

Director of Health Promotion and Wellness

“Promoting Health and Wellness"

Read more about Amy
Portrait of Lisa DeFrank-Cole

Lisa DeFrank-Cole

Director and Professor, Leadership Studies

Author Spotlight: Women and Leadership: Journey Toward Equity

Read more about Lisa
Headshot of Gina Martino-Dahlia

Gina Martino-Dahlia

Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs, WVU Reed College of Media

My Leadership Journey

Read more about Gina
Headshot of Maja Holmes

Maja Holmes

Chair and Associate Professor of Public Administration

“Building resilient teams through rituals, reflection, and recognition”

Read more about Maja
Headshot of Laura Brady

Laura Brady

Eberly Professor of Outstanding Teaching; Director of the Center for Writing Excellence

“Develop a Communication PACT with Four Key Questions”

Read more about Laura
Headshot of Haley Rosson

Haley Rosson

Assistant Professor of Agricultural & Extension Education

“From Couch to Classroom: Using Multimedia to Understand Leadership Principles and Theories”

Read more about Haley
Headshot of Madhavi Kadiyala

Madhavi Kadiyala

Assistant Professor; Director of WVU HVI Women’s Heart Program; Program Director for the Advanced Cardiac Imaging Fellowship

“Circular Leadership and Feminine Wisdom Post-Pandemic World”

Read more about Madhavi
Headshot of Karen Diaz

Karen Diaz

Dean, WVU Libraries

My Leadership Journey

Read more about Karen
Head shot of Joanna DiStefano

Joanna Distefano

Program Manager, Global Engagement Office

“Foundational Pathways to Growing in Negotiation and Conflict”

Read more about Joanna
Headshot of Shari Steinman

Shari Steinman

Assistant Professor, Clinical Psychology

“Facing Fears and Worries”

Read more about Shari
Headshot of Cindi Roth

Cindi Roth

President and CEO of the WVU Foundation

“WVU Foundation – The Ask”

Read more about Cindi
Headshot of Julie Lockman

Julie Lockman

Assistant Vice President for Graduate Education; Director of HSC Faculty Affairs, Culture, and Inclusion

WLI Strengths

Read more about Julie
Portrait of Tracy Morris

Tracy Morris

Dean, College of Education and Human Services

Leadership Seminar Series

Read more about Tracy