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Past Events

Each year, the WLI creates a curriculum of leadership development and social networking events across the fall and spring semesters. Session facilitators include internal leaders with expertise from both the WVU community as well as external, nationally known guest speakers. Additional ongoing learning opportunities (e.g., Leadership Bridge) spanning both semesters are also available to interested members.

Spring 2022 Events

Events are open to all members of the WLI and will be held via Zoom unless otherwise noted on the calendar. Meeting links and details will be sent to members via email.

  • Feb
    Patrice Harris: "The Power of Mentorship and Advocacy: Supporting the Next Generation of Women Leaders"
  • feb
    11 a.m. Joyce Miller: "Protecting Our Mental Health: Links Between Depression and Women Leaders"
  • feb
    6 p.m.

    WVU Women’s Gymnastics, Women’s Empowerment Meet ( in-person event)

  • feb
    Noon Deb Degner: "Mastering Difficult Conversations"
  • feb
    1 p.m.

    Tracey Beckley and Vicki Smith: "Reflections: Leading Through Crises"

  • feb
    4 p.m. Christine Grant: "Broadening Participation and Success for Women in STEM"
  • mar

    "How Did I Get Here? A Conversation with University Women Leaders About Successfully Navigating the Administrative Labyrinth" 

  • mar
    6:00 p.m.

    Author Spotlight: Renee Nicholson will discuss her latest book, Fierce and Delicate: Essays on Dance and Illness, Mountaineer Room, Mountainlair  ( in-person event )

  • mar
    9 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.

    Jena Martin: "The Art and Science of Negotiation, Fitzsimmons Events Hall, College of Law" ( in-person event; registration required)

  • mar
    Noon Jessica Deshler: "My Leadership Journey"
  • mar
    Deb Degner: "Creating a Growth Mindset"
  • mar
    1 p.m.

    Kim Bobby: "Working with a Premier Academic Search Firm: Pulling Back the Curtain for Your Next Leadership Role" 

  • mar
    4 p.m.

    Ashleigh Coren: "What does a leader do: Learning from Women's History" 

  • apr
    10 a.m.

    Laura Seybold: "The Power of Succession Planning and Building Your Legacy"

  • apr
    2 p.m. Nina Assimakopoulos: "Faculty Recital"
    Bloch Hall, WVU Canady Creative Arts Center ( in-person event)
  • apr

    Jennifer Knight Davis: "My Leadership Journey"

  • apr

    Amy Kittle: "My Leadership Journey"

  • apr
    7 p.m.
    WLI 10-Year Anniversary Celebration  ( in-person event; RSVP required )

* The WLI will continue to follow the University’s guidelines for in-person gatherings and networking events. An announcement will be sent via email if an event is canceled, rescheduled, or moved to an online format.

Learn more about our presenters

2020–2021 Speakers

Spring 2021

Portrait of Christina Fattore

Christina Fattore

Associate professor in the political science department in the John D. Rockefeller IV School of Policy and Politics at West Virginia University

Read more about Christina
Portrait of Frankie Tack

Frankie Tack

Clinical Assistant Professor and Coordinator of the Multidisciplinary Studies Program

Read more about Frankie
Portrait of Stephanie A. Ballard Conrad

Stephanie Ballard Conrad

Strategic Operations Director for Clinical and Translational Science

Read more about Stephanie
Portrait of Sam Wimoth

Sam Wilmoth

Title IX Education Specialist

Read more about Sam
Portrait of Cheyenne Luzynski

Cheyenne Luzynski

Teaching Assistant Professor

Read more about Cheyenne
Portrait of Cathy Jasper

Cathy Jasper

Executive Assistant to the Associate Provost for Faculty Development and Culture and the Associate Provost for Academic Personnel

Read more about Cathy
Portrait of Geah Pressgrove

Geah Pressgrove

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua.

Read More
Portrait of Cindy Fitch

Cindy Fitch

Associate Dean Of Research

Read more about Cindy
Portrait of Mikylah Myers

Mikylah Myers

Professor - Violin; Assistant Dean of Student Artistic Achievement

Read more sbout Mikylah
Portrait of Carrie Staton

Carrie Staton

Associate Director, Northern West Virginia Brownfields Assistance Center

Read more about Carrie
Portrait of Keri Valentine

Keri Valentine

Associate Professor, Mathematics Education

Read more about Keri
Portrait of Lauri Andress

Lauri Andress

Assistant Professor in the Department of Health Policy, Management, and Leadership

Read more about Lauri
Portrait of Stefanie Hines

Stefanie Hines

Teaching Assistant Professor

Read more about Stefanie
Portrait of Donna Hoylman Peduto

Donna Hoylman Peduto

Executive Director, West Virginia Public Education Collaborative

Read more about Donna
Portrait of Judith Stitzel

Judith Stitzel

The first director of WVU’s Center for Women’s and Gender Studies, which began in 1980.

Read more about Judith

Fall 2020

Portrait of Alison Wilson

Alison Wilson

Crisis Realities

Read more about Alison
Portrait of AJ Emerling

A.J. Emerling

Productivity using Microsoft TEAMS

Portrait of Lisa Sharpe

Lisa Sharpe

WVU Shared Services

Read more about Lisa
Portrait of Susan Lantz

Susan Lantz

Making the Most of your iPad: Personal Productivity that Doesn’t Weight a Ton

Read more about Susan
Portrait of Stephanie Taylor

Stephanie Taylor

WVU Legal Services

Read more about Stephanie
Portrait of Renée Nicholson

Renee Nicholson

Narrative Medicine: Stories, Empathy, and Leadership

Read more about Renee
Portrait of Sharon Martin

Sharon Martin

My Leadership Journey

Read more about Sharon
Portrait of Presha Neidemeyer

Presha Neidermeyer

My Leadership Journey

Read more about Presha
Portrait of Tracy Morris

Tracy Morris

Leadership Seminar Series

Read more about Tracy
Portrait of Lisa DeFrank-Cole

Lisa DeFrank-Cole

Graduate Certificate in Leadership (Ongoing Leadership Education Opportunities)

Read more about Lisa
Portrait of Julie Lockman

Julie Lockman

WLI Strengths (Ongoing Leadership Education Opportunities)

Read more about Julie